The Royal Basque Society of the Friends of the Country Bulletin

Attending to José María Aycart Orbegozo ("El Nacimiento de un Boletín" The Birts of a Bulletin written for the academic ceremony for the Opening of the Academic year 2005-2006), the Bulletin first appeared in 1945, at the beginning of the Society's "Third Era" (1943). It emerged as a body for promoting and advancing Basque culture and as a voice for the pursuits undertaken by the Society.

As he says in his presentation, the work undertaken by the Royal Basque Society since the eighteenth century, twice interrupted by revolutions and wars, has maintained the unchanging spirit of "Peñaflorida [who] lit a flame that continues to give light and warmth in Basque homes and in the minds of the people of our country" throughout the years.

Two centuries since it was originally founded, and in a world in spiritual and material ruins, shattered by an unprecedented war, a new cultural and scientific life emerged, rich in nuances and ambitions which yearned to recover the huge distance lost. The Journal emerged from the desire to continue the old work with new lines of reference and new materials. The first volume began with the article "M. de la Chabeaussiêre, junior, Amigo del País y de los vascos", written by Julio de Urquijo, along with the "Denominaciones de la Ofita en vascuence", by the Count of Peñaflorida.

Since its creation, and as a result of its links with the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), the Journal was able to publish articles in Basque, while in other cultural areas, the use of this language was prohibited.



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